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The Scarborough Railway Society is thought to be one of the oldest railway societies in England, its founder member being the late Ken Hoole the well known railway author and railway historian. The object of the society was, and still is, to encourage interest in every aspect of railway equipment, history and development.


The society’s first club room was part of the old B.R. Rifle Range (the site is now a Sainsbury’s supermarket) which consisted of four ex N.E.R. grounded coach bodies three of which contained the shooting gallery, the fourth was the clubroom. In 1974 this venue was due for closure so the society moved to the library in West Ayton. Five years later the society moved to its present home, the Public Library on Vernon Road, Scarborough.


Society meetings are held from the beginning of September until the end of May. Starting at 7.30 p.m.the subject matter of our meetings varies greatly but generally features slides, prints and occasionally films or video. Speakers vary from society members to some of the country’s top railway photographers.


The Society has a photo archive and owns various items of railwayana.


The yearly subscription is £15-00. The society also organizes outdoor summer visits.


Our President, Robin Lidster is the author of numerous railway publications. Many of these portray the local region; the most celebrated being "The Scarborough & Whitby Railway" and "The Forge Valley Railway."


From 1993 the society has also provided volunteers who restore and maintain the Heritage wagon fleet on the N.Y.M.R. In addition to this many society members are also involved as volunteers within the railway


During the summer season some members help with Stewarding on the Scarborough Spa Express





“Members  assist the Scarborough station support group and an increasing number are working at the NRM.with the Tuesday Night Team”




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                                               RAILWAYS IN AND AROUND SCARBOROUGH SINCE 1954

                           S.R.S. ARCHIVES


Known photographers are identified by initials. A list is shown below


GB                          G. Boyes

MDB                       M.D. Bointon

HDB                       H.D. Bowtell

ASC                       A.S. Cunningham

MAC                       M.A. Cooper

KH                          K. Hoole

MH                          M. Hopkinson

DH                          D. Hardy

RAH                        R.A. Hodge

RCH                        R.C.Hodge

LVH                         L.V. Hunter

ATJ                          A.T. Jones

RAK                         R.A. King

IHBL                         I.H.B. Lewis

PJL                          P.J. Lynch

KM                           K. Mills

JR                            J. Robertson

BR                           B. Rodda

TFR                         T.F. Robertson

JS                            J. Scafe

NS                           N. Skinner

DT                            D. Turner

BW                          B. Webb

AW                          A. Webster


AS                           A. Scales

AP                           A. Papworth

BD                           B. Dixon



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